Phillip Ridley grew up admiring the complexity of his father’s work. Phillip knew that he loved working with his hands, building anything he could imagine. He has always loved trying to understand how things worked. As he matured, his focus leaned toward watchmaking. His aptitude, along with the understanding that Horology had become a “lost art”, made watchmaking the obvious career choice.


In 2015 Phillip received the sought after CW21. With this certification, he uses the 21st century applications on each and every Rolex and Omega watch, from vintage to modern. Phillip’s dedication has earned him recognition in the Rolex community treating every watch as if it was his own. He is an active participant in the Rolex community where he shares valuable insight and expertise.



In 2004 Phillip attended the Horology program in Paris, Texas. Mr. Frank Poye became his mentor which grew into a close bond over the two years. Phillip was quickly recognized in having the ability to excel; winning awards, such as “Student of the Year” and the Dean’s honor roll list. Phillip’s knowledge and willingness to mentor allowed him to become a positive role model for his classmates, graduating with honors and top of his class. Since then, Phillip has assisted in helping put together the book, The Vintage Rolex Field Manual.



In 2006 he joined Watchmakers International, where over the next 15 plus years, he honed his skills while attending multiple AWCI (American Watchmaking Clockmaking Institute) courses. He completed numerouse classes, including…

Rolex 1530 Escapement by Mark Jones

Restoring a Timepiece by Henrik Korpela

Mechanical Autowind by Tom Schomaker

ETA 7750 chronograph by Tom Schomaker

Proper Oiling by Manuel Yazijian, to list a few



  • Ridley Watchmakers -
    I am lucky enough to have met the Phillip Ridley of Watchmakers International several years ago and feel he has always taken the utmost care of me as a client. Congratulations to Phillip Ridley in his new endeavor as he is really beginning to shine in his watchmaking career.
    Thank you, Phillip, for your continued excellent service !

    Don Duffee
  • Phillip did an outstanding job recently on my all original and unpolished 5513 Mk4 maxi Sub. It was a great find in all original condition with a service crystal. It was due for a service and after checking recommendations, I decided it was in some of the best hands to preserve the originality and service the piece with Phillip. He was very patient, informative and gracious in handling my watch and addressing my needs and concerns professionally and with confidence in his quality of work. He also completed the work with pictures and in a very thorough manner. His recommendation and installation of a period correct and original T19 crystal has the watch looking fantastic! I wouldn’t hesitate to trust and recommend Phillip with your collectible Rolex.

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